Hand knit mittens

Stay warm and fashionable with these hand knit mittens. Discover the perfect pair to keep your hands cozy and protected during the chilly winter season.
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Inspired by the gentle descent of freshly fallen snow, these mittens beautifully transition from light hues at the top to deeper shades towards the bottom. This effect is achieved through a harmonious interplay of smaller and larger motifs, evoking the serene scene of snow beginning to blanket the earth. Embracing both style and functionality, these mittens have an extended cuff designed for versatility. Wear it long to shield against the winter elements, preventing snow from intruding, or…

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It's Free Pattern Friday! Today, Onyx Mitts in Cashmere Lusso (pattern link here). It's a sign of the times when looking at these pictures makes me think, ah, yes, good hand-washing technique. But, here we all are. Apart, for now, but not alone. Fortunately, we are able to use our hands to create something comforting. The Onyx Mitts are a one-ball project in luxurious Cashmere Lusso, a fine-weight blend of virgin and recycled cashmere. Work them from the cuff up on US size 3 (3.25mm)…

Fran Parker