Harvest sunflower seeds

Learn how to harvest sunflower seeds and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Discover helpful tips and techniques to ensure a successful harvest and enjoy the delicious, nutritious seeds.
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If we convinced you to add sunflowers to your garden this year (read 13 Sunflower Varieties To Brighten Up the Garden if you need more convincing), then you might be wondering what to do with them at the end of the season. While you could simply cut them down and add them to the compost pile, there are so many uses for this quintessential summer flower that that seems almost criminal. But first, you have to harvest them in order to store properly for future use. Here’s how. When to Harvest…

Kristina Jager
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I may have harvested a lifetime supply of sunflower seeds. For some reason, the sunflowers grew like gangbusters this year, even while everything else struggled. (Funny story: all of my sunflowers were volunteers this year, and when they first popped up, I thought they were bean plants… so I transplanted them into a nice little […]

Patty Asbeck