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Discover how to cultivate love and acceptance in your life, even when it feels like you hate everyone. Learn strategies to build meaningful connections and create a positive impact on those around you.
Meet The Black And Acid Humor Of Spanish Cartoonist Joan Cornellà Comedy, Instagram, Humour, Book Summaries, Art Jokes, Collages, Kunst, Digital Comic, Cartoonist

When somebody coined the phrase "whatever you do, don't forget a smile," they didn't anticipate that Joan Cornella would take this idea and take it to the unholy extremes of dark comedy. But perhaps it's for the best, since those smiles are the only thing that cushion our minds from the brutality of the images he portrays; a smile lets us feel safe while we watch the horrifically graphic scenes of his illustrations unfold. It's the only thing that reminds us that none of it is real, and…