Haunted dolls

Delve into the chilling world of haunted dolls and discover unsettling stories and eerie encounters. Explore the paranormal phenomena surrounding these possessed playthings and prepare to be spooked.
Creative Daze with Geri: How I Create Gothic Girls & Zombie Babies from Repurposed Porcelain and Baby Dolls Halloween, Costume, Natale, Donna, Gothic Girls, Cute Dolls, Resim, Creepy, Gothic Dolls

I search for porcelain and baby dolls in resale shops, online, garage/yard/rummage sales, etc. On the average, I’d say I pay about $5 for a doll depending on the condition. I prefer to use dolls that are in sad condition. I have purchased broken (porcelain) dolls and have a collection of parts so the table in my studio sometimes looks like Frankenstein’s laboratory! I’ve paid as low as $1 (RARELY!) all the way to $28 (shopgoodwill.com and ebay.com) for a doll (including shipping). But when…

Isis Anderson