Hazelnut tree

Enhance your garden with the beauty of hazelnut trees. Explore different varieties and learn how to grow and care for these delightful trees in your own backyard.
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Nut Tree, American Hazelnut

The American Hazelnut (also known as the American Filbert) is a native shrub of the eastern United States. If you want to attract wildlife, the nuts produced by this shrub are preferred by squirrels, deer, turkey, woodpeckers, pheasants, grouse, quail and jays. The male catkins are a food staple of Ruffed Grouse throughout the winter. […]

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How to Grow Hazelnut Trees

Hazelnut trees make for the perfect nut tree to grow in any yard, regardless of its size! This is because hazelnut trees only grow to about 10-20 feet in height and about 15 feet in width, making them very suitable for home gardens. More so, hazelnut trees can also be pruned into small trees or shrubs or just left alone by themselves. If you're looking to learn how to grow hazelnut trees, care for them, and harvest them, keep reading below! How to Grow Hazelnut Trees - a DIY Guide Hazelnut…

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