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Nature and ocean-inspired jewellery. Works of art, beautifully designed to withstand the everyday adventures of an active lifestyle. Respect for the Earth and all its creatures is important to us.

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What Can I Do With My Old Family Wedding Rings? — Legacy

Are you wondering what to do with your old wedding rings and jewellery? Instead of letting them languish in a forgotten drawer, discover the incredible potential they hold. Through the power of remodeling and refashioning, you can breathe new life into these cherished family heirlooms. Unleash your

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Creative Ways to Re-Purpose Your Parents Wedding Bands - Calla Gold Jewelry

What do you do with your parents wedding bands? All over the US, jewelers are tasked with making special momento jewelry to keep the love near. See examples

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The Most Valuable Royal Jewelry in the World | Investing Magazine

It doesn’t take an expert to know that royal families have a lot of incredibly expensive possessions. From palaces to cars they’ve lived the high life for decades, but there’s one particular element that is often more fascinating than anything else: jewels.

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Jewelry makeovers and restorations created in-house by our team of designers and goldsmiths. Inspiration for your own jewelry makeover transformation! Upcycle your unworn jewelry, reuse/reset your gemstones to create new pieces that you will love to wear!

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Modern heirlooms, made to last a lifetime. Kinn designs solid 14k gold jewelry to embody your many moments lived—then, now, always. Fine jewelry 14k gold without the traditional markup. Signet Ring, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets. Free shipping on $150+. Afterpay, affirm accepted. Fine jewelry, hoops, chains, rings.

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