High school reunion planning

Plan a memorable high school reunion with these helpful tips and creative ideas. Reconnect with old classmates and reminisce about the good old days at your upcoming reunion.
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A reunion is both a fun experience and a stressful one. Fun because you can get to meet all your long-lost friends/family. You can get to spend time with them and play games together take pictures and all. But it can be a stressful one if you don’t know how to plan it. A good reunion party can get from ... Read more

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Last year it dawned on me that our 20 year anniversary from graduating high school was around the corner. I reached out to a few people who helped plan the 10 year reunion to see if anything was in the works yet and there wasn’t. Timing was perfect— I was working part time and had a flexible schedule, not to mention I LOVE planning parties! So right out of the gate I was gung-ho and excited! I decided to put... Read More Read More

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