Hiking the appalachian trail

Embark on an unforgettable journey hiking the Appalachian Trail. Discover breathtaking views, challenging terrain, and hidden gems along the way. Start planning your adventure today!
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The Appalachian Trail twists and turns for 2,190 miles through 14 states from Georgia to Maine. And it has become so popular that 3 million people a year step foot on it, in some form or another. But just how dangerous is hiking the Appalachian Trail, and what are those potential dangers? In this article

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The sun sets in the west, water freezes at 32 degrees fahrenheit, and this dress is blue and black. These are but a few unescapable facts of life. Another such reality is the reaction one receives after announcing their intentions to walk from Georgia to Maine, which can be summarized along the lines of: “Are you f*cking crazy?! What about bears, rattlesnakes, and deranged, inbred hillbillies?” Anyone who’s done any amount of research into thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail already knows the…

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Planning a thru-hike can be part of the excitement of the trip. Researching trails and vistas or reading stories from hikers past. When you’re considering hiking the Appalachian Trail end to end, you may be wondering how long it will take you. There are a lot of factors involved in overall hiking time, and it

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he Appalachian Trail has a lot of ups and downs… some sections more than others. We polled 2016 thru-hikers on a lot of different aspects of the trail, including what sections they considered the most difficult. Difficulty can be determined by any combination of terrain, weather, trail conditions, time of year, and local novelties. Most difficult doesn’t necessarily mean most disliked, however. Several sections voted most difficult were also among the favorites: The White Mountain National…