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Learn about the best practices for a successful hip surgery recovery. Discover exercises, pain management techniques, and lifestyle changes to help you regain mobility and live a pain-free life.
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Hip Replacement Surgery: Am I ready? Deciding to replace your hip is not a small decision. It's been a long journey to be ready. I’ve been putting it off for a decade. God says that he formed me perfectly but there are certain parts of me that I would like to trade in for an u

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Joint replacement surgeries are becoming more and more common as the population ages and more injuries occur. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, hip replacement surgeries are one of the most common joint replacement operations in the nation. An article titled “Prevalence of Total Hip and Knee Replacements in the United States,” (LINK), […]

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Lots and lots of naps! Honestly, there isn’t a ton more I could write except that one line to generalize the remainder of the first week since surgery, but I’ll go into more details for those interested. Day 1 at Home Following the car ride home (which was smoother and less painful then the first […]

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I was so excited the day had finally arrived! That means that I was one day closer to full recovery and moving forward pain free!! Yippee! I was on the verge of tears most the morning. The kind and sweet messages that I received from friends, family and people that I had more recently met through my blog and […]

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