Homecoming photoshoot ideas single

Capture the magic of homecoming with these creative photoshoot ideas for singles. Show off your individuality and create lasting memories with these unique photo opportunities.
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Y’all, this weekend was jammed-packed with fun, and I am so excited to share images from Saturday’s Homecoming – Photo Event. Christ Our Rock Lutheran High School might be the smallest school to have a Photo Event, but that doesn’t stop them from having the most students!! We had such a great time, and I…

Christina Foley

Hi there! We think people are 'cheeky enough', so we designed 'Stay Dress': a set of 4 wearable, reusable and weighted pins to help keep dresses down on windy days! Each Stay Dress pin is secured from the inside of the dress, with a clear outward facing attachment, so it's a simple, inexpensive and discreet way to minimize the chances of an embarrassing situation. We're an Australian husband and wife team with 'regular day jobs', but we're dreamers by night, so we've launched a Kickstarter…