Horseshoe projects

Explore a variety of creative horseshoe projects for home decor and DIY crafts. Get inspired to repurpose horseshoes into unique and functional items for your home.
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It’s no secret I’m slightly obsessed with DIY; there is something so rewarding about creating a piece with personal meaning. Try one of these four horse DIY projects the next time you want to fill a creative void. Large art can be so expensive but it really makes a statement at home. This oversized piece […]

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Removing Rust from Found Objects without ScrubbingA bucket or plastic container large enough to hold your rusted object(s) Very hot water Pure Citric Acid – You may be able to find citric acid locally, but it’s usually sold in small packages by the ounce. Amazon has 5 lb Bags of Citric Acid for a much better price that anywhere I’ve found locally. Scoop the powdered citric acid carefully into your bucket. I add about 1/3rd cup of powder per gallon of water, but you can use more or less…

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