Hot chocolate meringue

Discover mouthwatering hot chocolate meringue recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Treat yourself to a delightful combination of rich hot chocolate and fluffy meringue, perfect for cozy nights in.
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Cold innit. How’s about a hug in a mug? Nothing like a steaming cup of hot chocolate, preferably frothing over with whipped cream, and marshmallows happily bobbing along on top. As I write this post, the city's covered in snow and I’m dreaming of my favourite London Hot Chocolate spot. We could argue over what makes a delicious hot chocolate. My boys like mummy’s best… that’s just cocoa powder and brown sugar, or a slab of chocolate, melted in hot milk. But if you’re a proper chocaholic, you…

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This lemon white hot chocolate is creamy, zesty, lemon-ey, and has a fluffy toasted meringue topping! It’s warm, sweet, and refreshing - the perfect cozy winter drink for anyone who loves lemons. It has the components of a lemon meringue pie - creamy lemon white hot chocolate and a cloudy meringue topping. An egg yolk gets cooked in the hot chocolate, giving it a beautiful yellow color and adding richness. Takes under 15 minutes to make. Perfect for sipping through the winter, Christmas, and…

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