How to clean wood walls

Learn how to properly clean and maintain your wood walls with these effective tips. Keep your walls looking beautiful and extend their lifespan with these expert cleaning techniques.
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A room paneled in knotty pine looks cozy and comfortable, but not if you can hardly bear to touch the grimy walls. Elbow grease and a little time will restore sheen and cleanliness to a knotty pine wall or room. It's a good project for times you need to think, can't sleep or when weather confines you indoors.

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Cedarwood paneling is a classic, low-maintenance favorite among homeowners. But low maintenance doesn’t always mean you don’t have to do some upkeep. One of the first obstacles you’ll face keeping your cedar looking like new is dirt and grime. We’ve checked with cleaning experts for the best tips on how to clean cedar wood walls. […]

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Take off any removable, non-wood pieces from your furniture, such as non-structural hardware and cushions. Vacuum your furniture or dust it with a cloth on the surface and in any crevices. You can use white vinegar diluted in water for...

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