How to control anger

Learn how to effectively control your anger with proven techniques. Discover strategies to manage your emotions and improve your relationships.
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[Free Printable] Discover Your Child's Personal Values

Recommended age: 6-12For: Individuals or groupsRequires: Parent or professional to facilitate Includes: Two PDF worksheets (Download here or at the end of the post)Will enhance social and emotional skills: • Self Awareness: Identify own beliefs and values • Social Awareness: Respect for others • Responsible decision-making skillsAre you looking for a simple activity for your child to identify their values that is fun and engaging?Or maybe you are wondering, why it is important for children…

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5 Ways To Handle Negative Emotions & Get Your Feelings Back Under Control — Fast

Knowing how to control anger issues is key in regard to keeping negative emotions in check, so here's how to stop impulsive behavior and get both your feelings and temper under control before you do something you'll regret.

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Affirmations for Anger

Embrace your potential with powerful anger affirmations! Discover positive affirmations for anger management to help you manage your anger. Use these affirmations for anger management to become the best version of yourself. Angry affirmations. Affirmations for dealing with anger. Positive affirmations for women. Positive affirmations to improve yourself. Positive daily affirmations. Healing affirmations.

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