How to make christmas tree picks

Learn how to make your own Christmas tree picks with our step-by-step guide. Add a personal touch to your tree and create a festive atmosphere with these easy and creative ideas.
Shabby Chic Tree DIY | lobby, tree, moulding | Shabby Chic Tree DIY using beaded trim from the Hobby Lobby! #shabbychic #diy #homedecor #vintage | By Royale Funky Junque | Facebook | Hey Sparkle Chicks. In this video I'm going to show you how to take some trim, some decorative upholstery trim that I picked up at Hobby Lobby and turn it into a really pretty Christmas tree. I bought this 17 inch Styrofoam cone at Michael's. And I took the decorative trim that I had purchased at Hobby Lobby quite Hobby Lobby, Decoration, Shabby Chic Christmas, Shabby Chic Christmas Ornaments, Ribbon On Christmas Tree, Shabby Chic Wreath, Christmas Door Decorations, Large Christmas Tree, Decorative Trim

Shabby Chic Tree DIY using beaded trim from the Hobby Lobby! #shabbychic #diy #homedecor #vintage | lobby, tree, moulding

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Let the C H R I S T M A S decorating begin! Thanks to an amazing opportunity to partner with Decorator's Warehouse (the largest Christmas decor store in Texas!) for a "Home for the Holidays Christmas Tree Challenge," our sunroom is now ready for Christmas! Together with eleven blogging friends, we're each sharing a themed Christmas tree, thanks to Decorator's Warehouse! Now, if you've been a reader of my blog for awhile, you know that not only do I love decorating for the holidays, but I…

Valenta Blackburn
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Making a fabulous tree topper isn’t as hard as it looks, as long as you have the right materials. First, I want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. I am enjoying the day with my extended family in our home. It’s a fun day and we look forward to it every year. I… Continue reading →