Husband lunch

Surprise your husband with a delicious and healthy lunch. Explore our top lunch ideas that are sure to satisfy his taste buds and keep him energized throughout the day.
Adult sexy bento lol Great for Valentine's day.

My sister sent me this↓ bento picture a couple years ago.. Sexy bento for her husband lol ! I thought this would be a great bento for Valentine's day! You need, White rice Topping of your choice ( I used seasoned salmon) Pasta (hair) Nori seaweed (eyes) Ketchup (lips, cheeks) Pickled plum aka Ume (nipples) : My sister used ham instead 1. Make rice balls. 2 big ones and 1 smaller one. Put rice in plastic wrap and push down the middle a little and place the topping there as shown in the…

Mayumi .J