I quit my job

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You guys, it's official. I quit my job. I am free of retail! Now, if you read the title of this post, you might think I am slightly crazy, but hear me out. Did I love my job? Sure, sometimes. Was I happy? Not all the time. Was my job to play with makeup all day? Pretty much. Was it satisfying? Not one bit. You see, I worked in retail as an Assistant Manager at a makeup store. One would think that it can't get any better than that. But, for a girl who worked so hard on a degree that means…

Eileen McKenna
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“Don’t quit your day job!” That’s what they all used to tell me. But I tendered my resignation anyway. Not once. Not twice. But thrice. It’s my third resignation letter that finally set me free from a soul-crushing job. That’s 3 years ago. October 17, 2016. My official last day…

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