Indian sitting sofa living rooms

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I Love Bhaitaks -A floor level seating arrangement that comprises of thick soft mattresses placed against walls and loads of decorative cush...

...relax, make yourselves comfortable and let me show you some interesting seating ideas from Incredible India... Beautifully carved Shekawati chairs from Rajasthan teamed with colourful embroidery cushions. The planter's chair or the easy chair is my all-time favourite. How can you not relax your tired torso on the curve of this piece of art & prop your legs on the arm rests? A folding easy chair with colourful fabric for those hot sultry days. The cool swings, jhoolas or hichkars from…

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The Bohemian style is not necessarily busy. When it meets minimalism, a refreshing trend of decoration is born and that catches our eyes instantly - we call it the Modern Boho Style. It's the simple lifestyle we pursuit mixed with a pinch of Bohemian whimsy, as exemplified by these bright and airy rooms.