Indigo ikat

Elevate your home decor with stylish indigo ikat patterns. Discover top ideas to incorporate this timeless design into your living space and create a vibrant atmosphere.
Gennie Stafford - Indigo ikat weaving Tie Dye, Decoupage, Design, Couture, Patchwork, Indigo Dye, Indigo Ikat, Twill, Ikat

This is a partial scan of a hand dyed and also handwoven napkin I created as my final project for Handweaving ADN 311. The warp structure is called "pointed twill." I first dyed the warp in a resist manner with a 6% DOS indigo MX dye. The weft is the same white cotton as the warp was originally, left undyed. The patterns created by the dye technique combined with the striking warp structure meant that the white pattern at some points disappears into the weft and looks broken or shredded.

Janice Stadelmann-Elder