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Explore the top interior design styles and find inspiration for transforming your home. From modern to vintage, discover the perfect style for your space.
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Confused about what the different interior decorating styles are and what decor elements fit in each of them? Let the Interior Decorating Styles Matrix help you find the styles that match your decorating preferences. When it comes to decorating, one […] The post Decorating Styles 101: Find The Interior Design Styles You Love appeared first on From House To Home.

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What's your interior design style? Take my interior design quiz to find out! Do you love modern, mid century, farmhouse, traditional, rustic, glam, eclectic, or industrial? Or maybe you like a few styles...I can help you put a name to your unique decorating style! Quiz by Nadine Stay. #stylequiz #interiordesign #interiordesignquiz #homedecor #farmhouse #rustic #eclectic #modern #midcentury #glam #industrial #traditional

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Find out which minimalist interior design style you are by taking our 30-second quiz. Are you a Coastal Minimalist, a Farmhouse Minimalist, an Industrial Minimalist, a Modern Contemporary Minimalist, a Mid-Century Modern Minimalist or a Transitional Minimalist? Take the quiz now!

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