Irish christmas traditions

Immerse yourself in the enchanting Irish Christmas traditions and experience the warmth and joy of the Emerald Isle. From lighting the candle in the window to celebrating Wren Day, explore the unique customs that make an Irish Christmas truly special.
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There are some Christmas traditions in Ireland that are uniquely Irish and others that we share with others around the globe. Discover some of the most popular and best Irish Christmas traditions in this post. From traditional Irish Christmas dinner to Little Christmas and the Christmas Day swim, there are lots of Irish festive traditions you can incorporate into your festive celebrations.

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Traditional Irish Christmas dinner is the highlight of the festive season for many Irish families and involves a lot of food and drink. My guide to Christmas dinner in Ireland shares everything from starters and desserts, as well as the main meal which always involves two meats, various potato dishes and lots of vegetables. Don’t forget the gravy and stuffing.

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