Its a wonderful life

Experience the heartwarming story of 'It's a Wonderful Life' and its timeless message of hope and gratitude. Explore top moments and behind-the-scenes trivia that will make you fall in love with this classic film all over again.
Harris Sisters GirlTalk: It's a Wonderful Life 1980s Hollywood Aesthetic, 30s Aesthetic, Old Movie Theater, Ashland Kentucky, Viewtiful Joe, Wonderful Life Movie, Old Hollywood Aesthetic, Arte Jazz, Movie Marquee

Now that the boys are a older and they can take direction a little better, we are free to add a little oomph to our Christmas card photos. And they know that I only ask them to dress up and take nice photos ONE time a year on Christmas . . . and at Easter which is really two times a year and also Halloween which makes three, but who's counting? I digress. So this year, I thought we might go with the theme It's a Wonderful Life - a crowd favorite that's played in movie theaters every…

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