Japanese clear mushroom soup

Try these mouthwatering Japanese clear mushroom soup recipes to savor the umami flavors of mushrooms in a light and refreshing broth. Discover the perfect soup to warm up your taste buds.
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This fantastic, light Benihana onion soup is a fan favorite at the popular Japanese Steakhouse, and it's surprisingly easy to make. The soup goes by many names but is always loaded with onion flavor and then topped with mushrooms, scallions, and fried onions. You can make my easy copycat soup recipe at home in no time!

Tracy Kitzman Van Weelden

Miso Soup is the original health food, it's an easy, umami rich soup recipe made with fermented bean paste that has been nourishing the Japanese for centuries ~ and you can make this delicious super food soup for yourself in just minutes!

Lindsey Rankin