Japanese water gardens

Transform your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis with stunning Japanese water gardens. Explore top ideas to incorporate calming water features and lush greenery for a serene and peaceful retreat.
Japanese gardens are designed to focus on meditation, contemplation, and a calming atmosphere. They allow the user to draw inspiration from natural elements, such as water, stone, sand, and living plants. Inspiration, Gardening, Plants, Meditation, Meditation Garden, Garden Plants, Japanese Garden Plants, Garden Plants Design, Japanese Water Gardens

If you want to create a garden oasis that is based on an oriental style, you will need to carefully select plants that are indicative of Japanese culture and history. Fortunately, many plants that are native to Japan thrive in North American and European climates, so they can be easily incorporated into home gardens. For some of the best plants to give your garden a Japanese style, consider these options:

Lucie Nind