Jean Giraud

Explore the captivating works of Jean Giraud, a renowned artist known for his unique style and imaginative creations. Discover the fascinating journey of this legendary artist and be inspired by his masterpieces.
Strength of Man by Will Eisner Animation, Strength, Art, Comic Art, Will Eisner, Bristol Board, American Comics, Artist, Fantastic Art

'Strength of Man' was the premise of this limited-edition portfolio for select graphic artists to create specific drawings. That was a somewhat nebulous concept that allowed for artistic freedom. I guess so, since most of the artists drew whatever the heck they wanted. Here I'm only showing 6 of the 13 participating artists, and out of this group Will Eisner came closest to following directions, Moebius is my favorite of the batch, and Bill Sienkiewicz was the most honest for disregarding…

Phill Wright

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