Jennifer collier

Explore the unique and innovative creations by Jennifer Collier, a renowned artist who transforms everyday materials into extraordinary works of art. Find inspiration and be amazed by her imaginative and intricate paper sculptures.
Hippystitch: Story Book Dresses with Jennifer Collier at Hope & Elvis Interior, Collage, Embroidery, Crafts, Art, Vintage Textiles, Book Dress, Stitching On Paper, Collections

Jennifer Collier - Cup I'm a great admirer of Jennifer Collier's work so I was delighted to be able to go to one of her workshops. I was also delighted it was at Hope & Elvis which has a friendly atmosphere, great materials, fabulous lunches, plentiful tea & coffee thanks to Louise Asher, the owner. Hope & Elvis Paper pioneer Jennifer makes her wonderful sculptures from vintage papers and stitch. Her work is original, contemporary and with the papers she chooses, weaves a narrative through…

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