Joseph ducreux

Explore the unique and humorous self-portraits of Joseph Ducreux. Discover the artist's distinctive style and witty expressions that have captivated audiences for centuries.
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Joseph, Baron Ducreux (26 June 1735 24 July 1802) was a French noble, portrait painter, pastelist, miniaturist, and engraver, who was a successful portraitist at the court of Louis XVI of France, and resumed his career after the French Revolution. He was made a baron and premier peintre de la rein

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The Eccentric Self-Portraits of 18th Century Painter Joseph Ducreux, | Open Culture Vintage Posters, Portrait, Portraits, Poster Prints, 17th Century Paintings, French Artists, Artist, Joseph Ducreux, Joseph

We all know him, the dapper cross between a smarmy office bro and smug, pull-my-finger uncle; leaning on his walking stick, hat pushed back at a rakish angle, pointing at the viewer with a leer.… The 18th-century painting, titled Self-Portrait in the Guise of a Mocker, enjoyed a brief but rich second life for a couple years as a 21st century meme, first appearing online in a 2009 image macro with the caption “Disregard Females, Acquire Currency,” an overly stuffy, thus hilarious, rephrasing…

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