Julie delpy

Discover the best movies and career highlights of Julie Delpy, a talented actress known for her diverse roles. Explore her captivating performances and immerse yourself in the world of Julie Delpy.
julie delpy, so surprised I didn't already have her on this list if i don't already she deserves to be on here again and again Films, Celebrities, People, Julie Delpy, Violent Femmes, Girl Crushes, Pretty People, Muse, Girl

I've had a lady crush on french auteur Julie Delphy for a while. She's so my kind of chick, creative, offbeat and ballsy. Also, is it me or are french women just inherently very attractive? Julie is a talented actress, director, screenwriter and singer songwriter. She studied film making in New York. Most people probably know her for Three Colours White, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and 2 Days in Paris which she wrote, directed and starred in. The film also features her real life father…

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