Justice tarot

Explore the meaning and symbolism of the Justice Tarot card. Discover how this card can bring balance and fairness to your life. Take a closer look at the Justice Tarot card and learn how it can guide you towards making just decisions.

Celebrating Women this deck features only female figures. This deck features 78 cards (major & minor arcana), and comes in a rigid two-part box as well as a booklet including all the card meanings. The new production will feature thicker 350 gsm Superluxe paper.

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ArtStation - 8. Justice, Arnesson Art / Thomas hugo Fantasy Art, Art, Illustrators, Art Thomas, The Sword, The Pillars, Statue Of Liberty, Major Arcana, Justice Design

Justice. After a year, back to working on this tarot set. For lady Lustice I was inspired by classic depictions of the blind lady, but also by the Statue of Liberty. I also placed Anubis-inspired elements on the scale, those being a heart and a feather to measure the virtue in a person's heart. Aside from that I continued the elements that were existing in the older cards, and in the Raider-Waite tarot set, like the pillars and drapes. July 13th 2021: edited the sword, wasn't happy with the…

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