Kindergarten registration

Ensure a smooth registration process for your child with these easy steps. Get all the information you need to enroll your child in kindergarten and give them a head start on their educational journey.
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In my school district Kindergarten Registration (or Kindergarten Round Up) starts at the end of January. Our school holds a special evening event to give parents a chance to fill out all the required paperwork, meet the teachers, and tour the classrooms. Our Kindergarten Registration Night was a huge success this year as we had more parents and children attend than ever before. I would like to share with you ten ways to help run a successful Kindergarten Registration event. 1. Advertise When…

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Kindergarten registration is an ever-evolving process for many schools. Administrators and teachers much strike a delicate balance between welcoming new students and their families and getting the assessment data they need to plan for classes and how to best meet the needs of the incoming kids. When you are preparing, it can be difficult to […]

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10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten You have seen this before, I know. You have tried to get the word out to parents exactly what should be worked on at home to prepare for Kindergarten. Needless to say, these skills are not mastered BEFORE Kindergarten. They are worked on before, during, and after Kindergarten. I like to put this on my parent website so that Moms and Dads can see what they need to do with their incoming Kinder. Because the year is fresh, parents are more likely…

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Kindergarten round up and registration is a great time for teachers and schools to connect with parents. This free printable and editable brochure can help you highlight important school information and relay it to parents in a meaningful way. It's that time when we round up our new kinders in preparation for next year! My

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It’s springtime, and that means kindergarten round-up in my neck of the woods. Our district takes four full days to meet, greet and screen all the incoming “5 before November 1st” kinders for the fall. Michigan recently passed a new age cut off for kindergarten. In the past, it was 5 before December 1st, but,…

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