Kindergarten writing prompts

Ignite your child's imagination with these creative kindergarten writing prompts. Encourage them to express their thoughts and ideas through fun and engaging writing exercises.
Help your beginning writers grow their skills, work on writing conventions, and get creative with these free kindergarten writing prompts in anytime themes. They come in 2 options, making differentiating writing a breeze. #kindergartenwriting #iteachk #kindergartenteacher #kindergartenclassroom Writing Prompt For Kindergarten, Writing Craft Kindergarten, Writing Journal Kindergarten, Writing Prompts Kindergarten Free, First Grade Writing Activities Free, Writing Prompts For Kindergarten Free, Kindergarten Writing Activities Free, Kindergarten Writing Prompts Free, Summer Writing Prompts For Kindergarten

There is something magical about Easter eggs. I remember when my daughter was young she would play with her Easter eggs well after the special day had passed. She would beg me to re-hide the eggs so she could have another hunt. Because of this fascination, I love using them in the classroom Easter egg...

Annie Joyce