King john

Explore the intriguing life and reign of King John, a significant figure in English history. Discover the challenges he faced, the impact he made, and the legacy he left behind.
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It is in these shared areas that the Church becomes a most important part of the heart and soul of economy. By safeguarding the moral law, the Church provides immeasurable social capital for the free practice of commerce. Her charity binds men together in a higher union hindering them from following only secular ends where […]

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English Monarch. House of Wessex. Son of Æthelred II 'The Unready' and his first wife, Elfgifu. He married Ealdgyth around August 1015. In April 1016, Edmund led the defense of the city of London against the invading Canute, and was proclaimed king by the city inhabitants. He was crowned King of England that same month...