Kurt and courtney

Delve into the captivating and controversial story of Kurt and Courtney. Explore their relationship, music, and the mysteries that surround them in this in-depth article.
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Documents obtained by website The Blast allegedly reveal how much Frances Bean receives from the estate of her father, late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain. Court papers say the 24 year old earns more than 95,000 US dollars a month from his publicity rights and she is worth around 11.3 million US dollars. The reason …

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Are the 90's Back? Heavy make-up, big boots, flannel shirts, hats, leather and denim jackets. The 90’s fashion has made a massive comeback for 2012! The early 1990’s was when Grunge first hit the British fashion scene, it was a “rejection of fashion”, the fitted and bright coloured clothes of the 80’s were out and loose, ripped, careless was in. 80's Fashion 90's Fashion Naomi Campbell 90's grunge Johnny Depp, 90's Grunge Icon Johnny Depp & Kate Moss 90's Grunge Grunge was made popular in…

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