Lds primary singing time

Make your LDS Primary singing time memorable and enjoyable with these engaging and fun ideas. Create a joyful and uplifting atmosphere as children learn and sing together.
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Let me set the scene. It’s late Saturday night. You’ve had a busy and packed day full of soccer games, bridal showers, whiney kids, family get-to-gether, making dinner, put (forced) kids to bed. Then you think, “Oh man! I have to plan my singing time lesson for tomorrow!!!” What can I do that really quick and easy???? We’ve all been there. We get it. So, here you go: Pick one. We got your back J (((***KEEP IN MIND, THESE ALSO WORK FOR REVIEWING YOUR PROGRAM SONGS!!!!!))) 1- Target Practice…

Vi Fardig
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I needed an idea for after program singing time, but I wanted to give the kids a break from the same old songs/learning a new song. I saw the mustache on a plate idea somewhere(the song was hidden under the mustache) but I wanted to change things up a bit. Cue TRIVIA GAME!! I titled the game "I Mustache You A Question". I put together a bunch of questions about primary songs (I have the document of questions I used. I'll add them at the end). A few children at a time came forward (I did 3…

Cassondra Hazard
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So you have a few days to prepare for your Primary Program Singing time coming up on Sunday? CHECK. You want to do something fun that has a MEDIUM amount of prep? CHECK. Nothing too overboard and fancy, but an idea that is a little more special than your regular Sunday Singing Time? CHECK. Well then, here’s a good list of MEDIUM Prep Primary Program Review Ideas for you!!! 1-Emoji Progress Emoji’s are easy for the Primary children to understand! So what better image to “grade” their Primary…

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Structuring your 20 minutes each Sunday to maximize effectiveness. Enthusiastic Greeting 1 minute or less You need to get their attention. Their minds will be all over the place. Greet them with enthusiasm, hook their attention so you can sing! Sing! SING! Wiggle Song (or two!) 3 minutes Maybe they just came from class and are feeling wiggly. Maybe they just came from Sacrament meeting and they just can't sit still. Sing a fun song, or two or three and get the wiggles out. Don't be afraid to…

Alice-Ann Shaffer