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Discover powerful quotes that will inspire you to learn the art of contentment. Embrace the wisdom of these words and find true happiness in every moment of your life.
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An article in the InTouch Magazine by John Blase recently got me thinking. Blase said the abundant life mentioned in John 10 makes many of us think of a "life where everybody's in good health, all of the bills are paid, the kids are doing great in school, and there's enough money in the bank

Mary Mortensen
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This post is for the business owners who lack time but have a budget that they can use to outsource parts of their business. If you’re still in the early stages of your business, content creation is probably something you’ll need to DIY and spend your time on until you grow.

Haus of LoveJoy
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For most of us, contentment is an elusive quality. We want to be contented people, living contented lives. But, so few people are truly pleased and satisfied with their lives. So, how can we increase our contentment? This article offers 5 Bible verses and 5 prayers for more contentment in our lives. Why not drop by to check it out?

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