Led costume

Shine bright at your next event with a unique LED costume. Discover top ideas to create a mesmerizing and unforgettable look that will leave everyone in awe.
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In this section LED costumes are presented. All LED costumes are hand made. An LED system is introduced into the fabric base that meets the requirements and lines of the costume. LEDs do not overlap the costume, but complement it, revealing the beauty and usefulness of the image. For the production of costumes we use all the possible LED technology. With such a variety of LED technology, we can create different sensations from the images and solve complex requests for the requirements for…

Susan Masek
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Lace Performance Props: Cloak shaped wing make you like a butterfly, let you be a most eye-catching star on the stage. LED Glowing: With many LED lamp beads which has high brightness and can illuminate the entire performance area. Steps For Usage: 1. Add AA ba-tteries; 2. Set telescopic baton to desired length; 3.Place baton inside slot on both sides or veil; 4. Put neck loop around neck; 5. Press button to turn on. With Stick: The wing comes with a pair of portable telescopic sticks…

Nancy Kaluba