Lego directions

Discover step-by-step LEGO building instructions and get inspired with creative ideas for building amazing LEGO creations. Start building your next masterpiece today!
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As my book is going to be a How - To on how to do various printing methods I want to make it as easy to understand as possible. Here I looked at instruction manuals and the techniques they use to make flowing instructions readable and easy to understand. Transporter instruction manual 1957 Instruction manuals have had the same kind of aesthetic that hasn't changed much in this many years. Simple line drawings convey a lot more than detailed sketches and show the differences in the individual…

20 Lego project ideas for kids, and all the pieces needed can be found in the small and medium Lego classic tubs! Diy For Kids, Diy, Legos, Play, Lego For Kids, Lego Activities, Easy Diys For Kids, Lego Projects, Lego Creations

Here are 20 simple LEGO® projects that are perfect for beginning builders! One question that we get from time to time is how to get started with LEGO® with young kids. What age, and what to buy? Well, LEGO® recently released some new Classic sets that we have been very impressed with. They have a […]

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