Lichen moss

Discover creative ideas to bring the natural beauty of lichen moss into your home decor. Transform your space with these unique and eco-friendly design elements.
50 Striking Outdoor Photos that Use Moss and Lichen to Great Effect Flora, Plants, Lichen Moss, Ferns, Lichen, Moss, Plant Fungus, Plant Life, Botanical

Many outdoor photographers will often see a great opportunity for an interesting foreground when they come across a patch of moss (as you can see from the images below). But moss or lichen can also be great subjects themselves. These 50 photos of moss and lichen show what can be done with a little imagination when you're in the great outdoors. Smurf House by Vik Nanda, on FlickrMisty Moss by me'nthedogs, on Flickr Study of the Moss by mysza831, on Flickr Green by Desmond Kavanagh, on Flickr…

Daniela Mantilla