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Transform your stage with creative lighting design ideas. Enhance the atmosphere and captivate your audience with stunning lighting effects.
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What would it look like if a stage exploded and got paused mid-explosion. Basically, this stage design from Derek Studt at Generations Christian Church in Trinity, Florida. (originally posted July 2016) The set was accomplished through cut corrugated metal and trusses hung semi-randomly. Derek describes this set as looking like Superman’s ice palace…or the “Fortress of […]

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Jody Smith from Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, GA brings us this lovely LED tape design. They constructed 8x12ft bars that were hung vertically and 8x16ft bars that were suspended horizontally over the stage bringing the stage set out over the front edge of the audience. They used layered 1×4 ripped in half to make […]

Akshay Chavan
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Greg Springer from firstCHRISTIAN in Norfolk, Nebraska brings us this hanging pipes in their stage design. (Originally posted June 2014) The light pipes design was inspired by a different design which utilized EMT at Calvary Christian Church in Bellevue, NE. The crown was for their sermon series called The Story and was inspired by a much larger set […]

Screenflex Portable Room Dividers
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Jeff Eberhardt from Bridgeway Christian Church in Roseville, CA brings us these cool light bars they made. They made their own light boxes and then stacked them for their livestream setup and other stage designs. The front face involved a layer of Coroplast and plexiglass. Sides were 1/2” common board. The back was open for […]

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