Lord shiva statue

Enhance your home decor with a beautiful Lord Shiva statue. Discover top ideas to bring blessings and tranquility to your living space with a divine touch.
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🌟 Love this painting? 🎨 Feel free to message me for vibrant, high-quality prints on Art Station! 🖼️✨ This artwork beautifully captures Lord Shiva's divine essence in an antique brass rendition. The intricate detailing of the brass sculpture brings out the serene expression, multiple arms holding symbolic items, and the tranquil aura that defines Lord Shiva's persona. The aged patina adds depth to the spiritual artwork, creating a timeless representation of the divine.

Prasad P
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Shri Ganesh Aartiजय गणेश जय गणेश,जय गणेश देवा ।माता जाकी पार्वती,पिता महादेवा ॥एक दंत दयावंत,चार भुजा धारी ।माथे सिंदूर सोहे,मूसे की सवारी ॥जय गणेश जय गणेश,ज...

Bharat Shiroya