Low carb cottage cheese pancakes

Try these mouthwatering low carb cottage cheese pancake recipes for a guilt-free breakfast. Discover how to make fluffy pancakes that are both healthy and satisfying.
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This recipe for making 7-ingredient keto cottage cheese pancakes is such a great pancake base for all your favorite keto toppings. It’s also high in protein and fiber, making it an ideal power breakfast. How to Make Keto Cottage Cheese Pancakes These keto cottage cheese pancakes are very easy to make and each pancake packs...

Amanda Bittner
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These Cottage Cheese Pancakes are creamy fluffy, and packed with protein without using protein powder! They are also packed with calcium. They are a great pancake recipe for kids because they are healthy without tasting healthy! It kind of gives you a hint of French toast vibes as well with the high egg content! This recipe makes 3 servings of 2 large pancakes (6 total). These may just become your favorite protein pancake recipe ever.

Marci Campbell