Magnesium spray

Improve your overall well-being with magnesium spray. Find out how this natural remedy can help alleviate muscle soreness, promote relaxation, and support better sleep.
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DIY Magnesium Oil spray is a great way to supplement your body with this essential mineral. There are many benefits of topical magnesium, from keeping insomnia at bay to alleviating aches and pains. Making your own magnesium chloride oil is not only an effective way to get magnesium, it is also a great money saver....Read More

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Magnesium is vital for various bodily functions, can be deficient due to inadequate diet, specific medical conditions, certain medications, and heavy alcohol consumption. Signs of a magnesium deficiency can include muscle cramps, fatigue, irregular heartbeats, gastrointestinal issues, and more.

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This post has 5 Benefits of Magnesium and How You Should Be Using It. Plus a recipe for a nightly magnesium cream to calm you and relax your muscles. Magnesium is a crucial mineral that most of us are deficient in. It is responsible in aiding over 600 enzymatic reactions in your body (Magnesium critically stabilizes

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Magnesium oil 101 - how to make it and tips for applying and using it. Natural Remedies, Essential Oils, Magnesium Oil, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Remedies, Health Remedies, Herbal Medicine, Natural Medicine, Remedies

Nutrients applied to the skin are efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. That is why we shouldn't put anything on our skin that we don't want coursing through our blood. And that is also why this homemade magnesium oil works so well: it's a supplement we take through the skin. What is magnesium oil? Actually, it's not an oil. It feels slippery like oil, but it is a solution of magnesium chloride flakes in water. (I recommend Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes.) You can purchase magnesium…

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