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Making Rivendell in the Desert: Baby Elven Dress and Baby Tunic Writeup; Small Human Being Sewalong Wrap up. Medieval Dress, Baby Elf Costume, Medieval Baby, Toddler Costumes, Baby Costumes, Girl Costumes, Hobbit Costume, Elf Costume, Elven Dress

So, the Small Human Being Sewalong is over, and I accomplished at least half of my goals. I am going to do a write up on the Baby Elven Dress that I made (I had written scattered posts on it, which I link to in this article) I drafted the patterns for all of these things, just tracing (generously!) off of onesies and dresses that fit. I just sort of freehanded the bell sleeves. I cut it out of a green men's T shirt that I got at the thrift store for $1. It was not very stretchy, a stable-ish…

Ma Reira
A Most Peculiar Mademoiselle: Medieval Toddler's Shirt

This post is horribly late, as I got a new laptop and transferring everything from the old one, and getting to know this new one, took a while. Picture editing in particular was different, and a bit challenging. The shirt was finished in time for the HSM Stashbusting challenge though. This is a shirt I cut out, intending my youngest brother (11 years old now – that says something about how long it’s been sitting in my stash) to wear it, but that never happened. It didn't get sewn until now…