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Upgrade your kitchen with modern and stylish metal countertops. Discover top ideas to create a sleek and contemporary look for your cooking space.
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Zinc is a pure metal that darkens over time. Zinc changes color and shows a white or dark gray mark when exposed to fingerprints, moisture, acids, and foods, This color change is an inherent property of zinc. We can patina the zinc to hurry up the darkening process and we can apply a layer of carnauba wax to the bare or patina zinc to reduce fingerprints and protect the finish. After installation, we suggest an occasional application of wax, similar to the way you would maintain fine wood…

Patti Leone
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What would that be you ask? Metal countertops. There are so many choices to make designing home so you try to think of different textures to keep things interesting. For walls we turn to wood or wallpaper. With countertops we normally go with granite, marble, quartz or wood. BUT......I have been checking out alternatives and came across Bastille Metal Works. Started by Christopher Lee Plummer and Katrina Plummer Bastille Metal Works is the leading producer of custom cast Zinc and Pewter…

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