Mexican celebrations

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Mexican celebrations. Discover the rich traditions and customs that make these festivities so special. Get inspired to join in the fun and create your own memorable moments.
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Recently we hosted a Mexican dinner party, under the stars, at our home Palma Soleada. We invited 10 friends to feast on savoury and sweet dishes, including oysters, street corn, prawns, tacos and more. The food was supplied and catered for by Journey Street Food. They were able to take over our kitchen for the evening and create the most delicious experience for our guests. Everything was seamless and ran perfectly, meaning that my husband and I could sit back and enjoy the evening. We…

Brylea Burnett
Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, México. Young zapotec smiling woman. Photo by Christopher Stowens. People, Oaxaca, Mexico People, Mexican Colors, Mexican Style, Mexican Girl, Del Valle, Mexican Wedding, Hispanic Heritage

The day here is rather cold and blustery with gray skies and an occasional patch of blue. I am off to Teotitlan del Valle to watch the danza de las plumas once again. I think I have seen this group of danzantes four or five times now and it is always magical. This is the last time they will dance this year, but I believe they have two more years together as a group. Each cycle is three years in length and then a new group will take over the honors. Before the danza in the four or five day…