Middle school book club ideas

Inspire young readers with these engaging middle school book club ideas. Encourage literary discussions, foster a love for reading, and create a supportive community of readers.
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Hello Darlings! I’ve had a lot of questions about how to start Book Club Groups. Here are a few tips to help you get started. Decide on your Book Club groups by reading level. I group them by DRA level. I also use Running Records from The Reading and Writing Project here. Ex. All my 28 ... Read More about Getting Ready for Book Clubs

Dawn Pann
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I have dreamed of creating a middle school poetry unit with lesson plans, tons of reading response examples of poetry analysis, along with a verse novels book club and activities component. I have spent the last month creating this complete middle school poetry reading and writing unit. I have a whole blog post about the ... Read more

Rebecca Barrow
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I recently posted about book clubs in my classroom and have gotten many questions about how I run them on both posts. I am going to try and answer them all here. First and foremost, I try to make Book Clubs as simple as possible. I used to be MUCH more involved in the book ... Read more

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Randi Sonenshine, children’s book author of The Nest That Wren Built and middle school literacy specialist, shares ways to keep communication going in book clubs using fun games. Read on for some easy ideas that can help switch up the normal routine and get students engaged in conversations...

Andrea Miller
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Book clubs for middle school and high school have become the new version of literature circles. Book clubs in school represent a more authentic and organic means of literary study because they are more student-directed whereas literature circles are more teacher-directed. Check out this guide with

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