Middle school science classroom

Transform your middle school science classroom with these creative ideas. Engage students with hands-on experiments and interactive learning activities for a fun and educational experience.
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Your first year teaching is going to be one of the hardest years of your career. I frequently went home near tears thinking “I just can’t do this. It is too hard.” But I promise you, it gets easier! I’m in my 10th year teaching and I spend a lot less time planning and preparing ... Read more

Lena Jones
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Having a classroom management system in middle school is so hard!! A lot of it is too “elementary” for them and they just won’t buy into it! If you want a management system to work for any grade level, there has to be buy in from the students. When I was in college I had a professor who was like Mr. Feeney to me & he told us, “a child will do anything for a Jolly Rancher.” I used this to my advantage & made it into my classroom management system! Jolly Rancher Wars is a weekly challenge…

Here are ideas for 7 different middle school classroom décor themes that are fun but age-appropriate! #classroomdecor #middleschool #iteachtoo #TheLittlestTeacher Middle School Ela, Bulletin Boards, Reading, Middle School Classroom Organization, Middle School Classroom Themes, Middle School Classroom Management, Middle School Library Bulletin Boards, Classroom Setup Middle School, Middle School Organization

Here are ideas for 7 different middle school classroom décor themes that are fun but age-appropriate! #classroomdecor #middleschool #iteachtoo #TheLittlestTeacher

TaylorMade Classroom
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Want ideas for how to make your science classroom look amazing without the expense? This blog post will give you 7 awesome ideas plus heaps of free resources you can use to spruce up the space on a budget! Claim your free resources and printables now!

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