Millennial generation

Explore the unique traits and characteristics of the millennial generation. Learn how this influential demographic is shaping the world and discover tips for engaging and connecting with millennials.
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Many organizations have adjusted their company cultures to be more accommodating to Millennials. But now that Generation Z is hitting the workforce, those culture rules are being turned upside down all over again. Here's how to make sure you stay relevant with the newest generation.

From birth, Generation Z's whole life is already on the web, and social media is a natural extension of their personality.....A generation steeped in the Internet at birth  As the author points out, the fundamental difference between the two generations is the fact that young people of Generation Y (or Millennials) have grown up in a world full of change with intelligent devices and the emergence Internet.  #millenials #genZ #digital Art, Social Media, Manualidades, Species, Generation Gap, How To Memorize Things, Social Media Art, Age, Gen-z

In a recent article on Sprout Social; Gen Z vs Gen Y: Does the Hype Add Up, Aubre Andrus discusses some highlights from an influential Sparks & Honey study that distinguish the Z generation of their predecessors in Generation Y. According to the study, published in 2014, Generation Z (born after 1994) already accounts for over a quarter (25.9%) of the population, representing the largest contingent since the baby boomers. (Read also: Toward New Baby Boom With Generation Z). A generation…

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by Andrew Allen, marketing program manager for Saba Software Millennials, like previous generations, have unique aspirations. For each of the past 5 years, Deloitte has conducted a global survey of Millennials, their values, and their changing roles in the workplace. The latest survey found that Millennials will “put their personal values ahead of organizational goals,” […]