Minecraft creeper cake

Level up your baking skills with these creative Minecraft Creeper cake ideas. Impress your friends with a delicious and geeky treat that will make your next party unforgettable.
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Buttercream Creeper Cake

My now NINE-year-old requested a Minecraft Creeper cake this year for his birthday. Since I love making these cakes for my kids, I agreed. I spent some time googling and looking on pinterest for ideas and was really surprised to only find about two Creeper cakes out there, so I was pretty much on my own after looking at how to get the initial shape (I am not into fondant for lots of reasons for these kid-cakes and that was pretty much what I saw). So, here is what I did: 1. I made my…

Amber Thomsen
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Feeling a bit Creeper-y!

So what is a Creeper? I s'pose you could define a "creeper" as an armless bomb with legs. Because in the game of Minecraft, Creepers approach players... and then EXPLODE, causing massive damage to them and their blocks within a small area, and even kill mobs if they're close enough. Sounds pretty creepy, right?! And they look pretty freaky, too: Recently, I was asked to make another Minecraft cake. Since I have already attempted one in the past, and did NOT want to repeat the same…

Mara Mills