Mini candy apples

Indulge in the irresistible taste of mini candy apples. Discover the best recipes and tips to make these bite-sized treats that are perfect for parties or a sweet snack.
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Inspired by these candied apples, Sarah had a charming idea: miniature candied apple bites. But she ran into a problem, and needs some help. She writes:So all the talk of candied apples had me excited to put my own spin on them. I cater baked goods for businesses here in Kansas City, and I wanted to add something seasonally hip and fun. So I chose to try a mini-candied apple. I used a melon baller and cut balls out of each apple.

Farah Esmail
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Today I'm sharing How to Make Candy Apples Any Color! This Candy Apple recipe is easy and makes sweet and crunchy candy apples. These are a traditional fall treat - perfect for your Fall Fest or Halloween party. You can make them in under 30 minutes with just a few basic pantry ingredients!